Prof. Yaron Dagan M.D., D.Sc – CEO

Prof. Yaron Dagan M.D., D.Sc. is the founder and director of Medisleep Ltd., and is also the leading sleep medicine physician in Israel. Professor Dagan is well known in the global sleep community and has been practicing sleep medicine since 1984.

Prof. Dagan’s professional credits include:

  • Director of Sleep Medicine Institute at the Assuta Medical Center Israel
  • Professor in Human Biology Department Haifa University and at Tel Hai College’s Center for Applied Chronobiology
  • Member of the American and European Sleep Societies
  • World-renowned specialist in the field of sleep chronobiology – wake schedule disorders, with many publications and research studies in this field.
  • Editorial member of Chronobiology International Journal
  • Lecturer at international sleep and chronobiology conferences
Lilach Kamer M.D. – Medical Director

Dr. Lilach Kamer is a family physician. Her interest in sleep medicine started as a medical student working as a sleep technologist. She completed her M.Sc. at the University of Toronto researching sleep and obesity in children and adolescents, worked in sleep-related clinical trials and currently works as sleep physician.

She has been involved in sleep medicine since 2000.
Dr. Kamer has a special interest in Insomnia and Chronobiology.

Amit Green Ph.D. – Operations Manager

Psychologist. M.A. in psychophysiology from Tel Aviv University.
He was the chief sleep technologist at Sheba Hospital Sleep Center for six years. For the past twelve years he has been the operations manager of Medisleep, the leading sleep center in Israel. He is an expert in polysomnography operation, analysis and medical sleep testing devices.
His Ph.D. research was on the influence of evening exposure to computer screens on sleep quality and cognitive function. Dr. Green is involved in research on sleep and chronobiology and has published articles on these topics.